Full Time Agency Director in Salem at Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services

Agency Director

Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services

Location: Salem
Industry: Government, Jobs
Type: Full Time

In today’s global economy, we are all interlinked, and what happens in international business and politics has a huge impact here in Oregon. Knowing the dynamics of Oregon’s concerns around health care benefits, financial and insurance regulation, worker and building safety, and getting people back on their feet from a workplace injury are critical to this executive service position with the State of Oregon.

The Department of Consumer and Business Services (DCBS) is a progressive business regulatory state agency dedicated to the mission of protecting and serving Oregon’s consumers and workers while supporting a positive business climate. The department administers state laws and rules governing workers’ compensation, occupational safety and health, financial institutions, insurance companies and building codes. The department has consumer protection and education programs, offices, and ombudsmen to help consumers, injured workers, and businesses.

Our mission…
To protect and serve Oregon’s consumers and workers while supporting a positive business climate.

We’re asking you to consider a public sector career with the Department of Consumer and Business Services. With your diverse educational and cultural backgrounds, perspectives and knowledge, and exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills, you can become part of Oregon’s leadership, contributing your innovative thinking and business perspective to support and expand our efforts for Oregon’s consumers and workers.

As an appointee of the Governor, you will serve as the department director and be responsible for carrying out the mission of the State by providing oversight and direction of the Department of Consumer and Business Services. You will provide leadership, strategic direction, and supervision to the Workers’ Compensation Division; Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division (Oregon OSHA); Division of Financial Regulation; Building Codes Division; Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace; Small Business Ombudsman; Injured Workers Ombudsman; and the Workers’ Compensation Board.

The director provides general policy direction, counsel and recommendations; resolves conflicts; ensures adherence to state policy; directs budget and fiscal activities; and advises the governor of public policy issues that have statewide impact, politically and economically.

The director holds the office of state Insurance Commissioner. The director works with other state and federal regulators to maintain balance between federal and state regulation.

Application Guidelines:

For additional information you may contact us by e-mail at Robert.J.Newton@oregon.gov or by phone at 503-947-7011.

Salary: $114,168 - $168,276 annually
Application Link: http://www.oregon.gov/DCBS/jobs/Pages/jobs.aspx